Friday, March 22, 2013

Portico Loco

I remember the first time we viewed the home I remember seeing the front doorway and thinking “why?”. I mean, I understand that it makes sense to keep dry and warm while waiting to open the front door but it was made from plywood, it was starting to look dirty and cheap making the house feel somewhat closed off and it was dated. We also felt that if we kept the roof part it will still serve its purpose but look less dated. We debated taking the roof part off due to the beautiful molding that is above the door but you can still admire it while standing at the door if you look up. We discussed taking it off at some point and so when I got this pic from RC telling me he was at the house “working” I got a little nervous. I only got nervous because I am a complete control freak (hey-at least I own it) and like to be involved in every project around the house. Being away from the house and unable to get back to help out was like torture and I would text and ask hourly how it was going. He was able to get all 4 sides off including the glass “windows” all by himself without compromising the structure. We were worried about taking the walls off since we did not know how things were supported but it is pretty solid with the remaining posts. I am so proud!  I wish I had some action shots for you but it truly was a one man job.

It looked like this before:
This is what it looked like from the inside of the structure that housed our front door...that is all that it was. So nice to look at...

A few progress shots

By the end of the project and after painting the door red we have a new entry way! I am much happier seeing this when I come home than the old structure.

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