Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We're Floored!

As mentioned in our first post our home was covered in the lowest grade, ugliest blue, “elementary school” carpet. We were happy to find that underneath the gross carpet were perfectly good hardwood floors. Albeit with scratches (more like gauges) and stains but they were there and perfect candidates for refinishing. We also took this as an opportunity to have them stained a little darker – there is just something so luxe about dark hardwoods. We also wanted to extend the hardwoods into the kitchen area that was covered in cracked ceramic tile. You can see here that the food prep area was of ceramic tile. NOTE: We discovered there was laminate underneath the ceramic tile installed by the previous owners. If you place ceramic tile over laminate your ceramic tiles will crack.

We decided this was something we wanted to leave to the pros to complete since neither of us had ANY experience with that kind of stuff and we figured with all the headaches it would be completely worth it. We received MANY recommendations to use Arlandria Floors a local flooring shop not far from where we live and they were comparable to big box stores. We were not sorry that we went with Arlandria Floors – they did such an amazing job and their customer service was top notch. They also used a sandless machine which was a plus since it would reduce (not eliminate) the dust that resulted from the sanding.

We were a little concerned that the REALLY deep scratches would be too deep to get out. It was obvious that when the renters moved their furniture out they took no care in making sure they did not scratch the floors in the dining area. You cannot even tell where the deep scratches are anymore.

They were able to add in the kitchen portion and it looks much better and is exactly what we were hoping for. The other flooring areas look more polished darker and they coordinate with our funiture better than the blonder looking wood.

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