Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Now, in the beginning of this whole process I was determined to have a white kitchen. I initially wanted marble countertops but was quickly talked out of that idea due to this comment “have you ever seen aged marble?!? It’s yellow and stained all over the place.” The salesman could have easily sold me granite (it is more expensive) but instead he saw that I was a practical person and knew I would be upset with the fact the marble stains easily. I actually have read this but don’t know if it is true since I have never had marble counters, but I saw tons of marble in Italy and it yellows overtime. I was suddenly sold on the idea of having granite countertops. There are so many other options out there in terms of countertops; granite, quartz, Corian, laminate, recycled glass and they all have their own unique properties and pros/cons but ultimately we wanted something durable and nice to look at in the space.
I was thinking that a darker granite would ground white cabinets and we were leaning toward New Venitian Gold.
Of course with my last minute decision to go with cherry cabinets I changed gears and decided I would like something lighter. After a little research online I found Kashmir White which is a white stone with garnet accents. We figured that these garnet accents would be perfect with cherry cabinets. We went back to the granite yard and they gave me a sample of Kashmir White – it is going to look amazing once its installed.

Of course the counters I had grown to love are no longer being imported from India...They told me that they might start importing them again but couldn't give me a solid time-frame and that I ought to select another stone. I finally come to a decision that I truly love and then I have to find something else I love just as much. I wanted to respond with - "don't you know how hard it is for me to decide and pull the trigger?"  We had the granite yard send over pictures of similar looking stones they had on site and also scoured the internet for similar looking options. They are all beautiful but I had a vision of what I was looking for.

We were running out of time so I had to choose from the other white stone samples. We both thought that White Galaxy was light enough and had the garnet accents that I thought went well with the cabinets. 


After seeing it in person I was not convinced I would like these counters better than the first one I selected, but knew that I really had done everything I could. The granite yard told me that we were getting a more expensive stone at the same price as the less expensive price - as if that was supposed to automatically make me fall in love with it. Just because it is more expensive I am supposed to like it more?!? I don't operate that way and came home with a sample to let it "grow on me."
They are measuring for counters this week and we will hopefully have a finished product soon! I just hope that I love the counters - I could be looking at them for years.