Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I forgot how incredible spray paint is. I have been trolling pintrest and admiring how so many people had taken spray paint and made incredible transformations of regular items into brand-new looking fixtures. I’ve never really used spray paint in the past – lots of hairspray but not spray paint. When I saw all these amazing transformations it reminded me of one time I helped my aunt spray paint some outdoor furniture but since it was my first time I think she ended up having to do a second coat…sorry about that DC.

Since we moved into our house I have never really been crazy about the switchplates and was not excited about the monetary investment of buying designer switch plates – which look fantastic, by the way, since we bought a few for our bathroom. However, when you have a hundred million switchplates and outlet covers it can get expensive. Last time I was at the hardware store I checked out the spray paint and found this Rustoleum Metallic finishes paint; at $7 I figured I would buy it and see what kinds of junk I could find and turn into works of art. I bought the Oil Rubbed Bronze (aka ORB on the interwebs) and the Brushed Nickel finish.
I have yet to find some junk I could spray paint into expensive looking art but I thought I would try it out on a switchplate and a C that I had around the house.

Pretty great transformation – and for only $7 I can paint all my switchplates and outlet covers to make them look better than just builder white. I think it brings a little warmth to the wall. I also tried out the brushed nickel on another switchplate but ended up liking the ORB finish better because I am totally ORBsessed.

I continue to look for other items around the house that will feed my new addiction to spray paint. I considered spray painting my sunburst mirror but a voice inside my head said “put down that spray paint – it looks great as is”… hooray for my frontal lobe. I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to finally find a solution for all the switchplates that I was planning on replacing; with the money I saved I’m buying shoes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Challenge Accepted!

I took the Pinterest Challenge…It was not an actual challenge sponsored by Pinterest but rather an informal challenge posed by Young House Love! I have been trolling Pinterest for a while now and have found so many great things on there - some real creative people out there.
Interestingly enough I have also been looking for some artwork for our kitchen. We have a wall that is rather bare and just needed something but I could never decide what kind of art we wanted to add to the kitchen. Enter my pinterest creation! (PS I'm still obsessed with how our harwood floors look)

It is where we’re from and where we met – we like to tell people we met in the middle because really it is true. I drew my inspiration from here.

As to how I completed the project: I bought 3 frames from Michaels and some scrapbook paper that I liked. I found map outlines of our states on the internet and printed and cut out the shapes and glued them to the background paper I chose. The frames were originally black, but I felt that they kind of clashed so I painted them with Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint – that stuff is amazing.

What do you think? Anyone else out there take the challenge or create something on your own? Feel free to share your pinterest creations in the comments!