Friday, April 29, 2011

What is Urban Renewal?

You might be asking yourself what is Urban Renewal? Beside being the name of our blog, when you google Urban Renewal you might find definitions like this...
If you are one of the very few lucky people to have seen our house before we moved in you might agree with many of the above definitions...all except the Phil Collins album. I bet they sing "In the Air Tonight" definitely one of my faves.

But really urban renewal is the tag line used by my father who would call and ask what kind of "urban renewal" projects we were up to. My father knows a lot about property and understands that the best return comes from those found in "up and coming neighborhoods" which is exactly where we bought. We thought it would be fun to choose our own upgrades and updates. What nobody knows is all I cared about was the fact that the place had a red front door...always wanted one. Unfortunately in our earlier post with the "before" pictures you don't have the luxury of seeing that there was a doorway at the bottom of the basement stairs for the other apartment and the blue "elementary school carpet" (dubbed by a friend) that was torn up before I had a chance to capture the memories with my camera. HB and his dad tore the doorway off since it was creepy (to me) and unnecessary. Also, since there were beautiful hardwoods under the "elementary school carpet" (seriously the lowest grade of ugly carpet you have ever seen) why keep them covered?

So there you have it, Urban Renewal was born as our tag line for our rehabilitation techniques for this house that was in desperate need.

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