Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Have a Leaker...

It appears that we have jinxed ourselves…we were talking just the other day that we had finished all the “major” projects that we had planned since we moved into our home. We talked about how we were at a point where we could start saving up for cosmetic updates things that were not must haves but rather “nice-to-haves”…then came the rain. It has been raining here for about four days straight and heavier than I remember it raining for quite some time. We have been spending more time in our basement since we figured out a better configuration that worked for both of us and Monday we realized that the carpet was pretty wet and once we examined closer we discovered that we must have some kind of leak in our basement. The good news is that it is some kind of leak coming in from the sliding glass door - not foundation. The bad news is that the rain is not expected to let up until the end of the week and the carpet is totally soaked and we have no idea how long this has been an issue.

Sooo…tonight we decided to have a date night starting at my favorite store Home Depot followed by salads at Panera. We are so fancy…

We are in the market for a new door to our basement that walks out to the backyard. We are not sure if we want a sliding door or French doors. This is clearly the next project that we are going to tackle and I will follow up with a post once it is finished.

On another note, we just finished a really fun project and I am working on getting the post together – but here is a progress picture as a teaser. I say “fun” because it took longer than we thought it would and there were many attempts to get it just right.

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