Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're Back!

It’s been too long since my last post. We’ve been busy with family visits, weddings, and work is getting in the way of my projects. Our foreign subsidiaries merged and it has kept me quite busy making sure there were no accounting emergencies - yes they exist. As mentioned in our very first post we mentioned the awful blue carpet. I just knew I had taken “before” pictures before we moved in and could not find them anywhere – the pictures you see in our first post are after we removed the blue carpet and painted some of the walls. Luckily for me I was whining telling my mom that I could not find those pictures anywhere and she mentioned that they were still in fact on her camera (cue the angels and hallelujah chorus). I took the pictures using her camera when we brought my parents by the house before we moved in. These are true before pictures – it does not even reflect how heinous that carpet really was.

I haven’t seen these pictures in a while…some of my favorite things:
1. Obvi the ugly blue carpet - I was so satisfied when we threw it out.
2. I kind of forgot that there used to be a fully functioning sink with garbage disposal (gross) in the basement - that is where we have our washer and dryer now.
3. The kitchen looks totally different now and I love being able to look back and see its entire transformation. We were able to get rid of the appliances that came with the house and get them to people who really needed them.
4. A reminder for HB who has lost 40lbs since this pic was taken - he is going to be super embarrassed that I mentioned this but I am proud of him.
5. This is before we painted every wall in the house.

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