Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today is a milestone - we have been in our home for 2 whole years. Happy Birthday House, you look younger than the day we met you and much more modern after all those makeovers we have given you over the last 24 months. I will say that the first year we were scared to death to try anything ourselves but as time has progressed we have become more "handy" and are able to look at things more creatively.

In an effort to hold ourselves accountable I thought we should put our to-do list out there. Hopefully this way you can see our progress and we can get some more things completed.

  1. Hang new mirror in basement bathroom

  2. New light fixtures in bathroom and house

  3. build a deck

  4. install door for access to #4

  5. paint the trim (whole house)

  6. install crown moulding

  7. flip the basement configuration

  8. removal of cabinets in basement

  9. install new doors in basement closets

  10. paint the cabinets in kitchen

  11. install new hardware on kitchen cabinets

  12. make a storage area in basement bathroom

  13. figure out solution for banister

  14. overhaul of master bathroom (the whole deal, tiling, vanity, shower, everything must go)

  15. install over-the-range microwave in kitchen

  16. fix wood rot on front porch

  17. gravel the backyard

  18. replace wood on front porch

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